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How it Works

F.A.Q.'s for members (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How can I register on the site?

Click the Register in the main menu - top right.

Q: What does registration give me?

Once you are Registered, you may do the following:
- change your profile information.
- communicate in Group Chat and Private Chat rooms anytime the Cam Models are online.
- receive our newsletters to let you know when your favorite performer is online.
- renew your account and check your chat history.

Q: Do I need a cam to talk to a Cam Model in a chat room?

It is not necessary to have a cam for chatting. However if you do have it you may show yourself to the performer.

Q: I just registered. How can I access my profile/account?

Use the Login button

Q: I just registered but completely forgot my password. How can I restore it?

Use the "restore password" form. You should enterthe email you entered during your registration and you will be sent your password to this mailbox.

Q: I want to go to the Group Chat but the system is saying I have no funds in my account. How can I add funds?

You can add funds on the Add Funds page.

Q: I have got a problem which I can not solve even after reading these FAQ's. Who do I contact to get the answers?
Use thecontact page to contact the site administrator. We will do our best to help.

F.A.Q.'s for the performers (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Do I need a webcam to become a performer on the site?

Yes! A good quality cam and a broadband connection is needed. In Group Chat. Models with high quality cams earn tend to earn more.

Q: I would like to register on the site as a performer. How can I do that?

First of all fill in the Register form, then simply complete the profile questions & download your pictures to finish the registration process.
The account of each performer will being checked by the administrator. You will need to provide ID and proof of your age. After the approval your account will be activated - We aim to approve Models Accounts as quickly as possible..

Q: How can I log in my Performer account?

Use the Performer form to login.

Q: I forgot my performer password. What should I do?

Use the "restore password" form.

Q: What should I do to be online on the main page of the site?

Login to your account and start the video stream from your own page. (Remember that you can open this page as tab in your browser and look there only when you have somebody in your chat room.)

F.A.Q.'s for Studio Managers (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: I want to register on your site as the studio manager. How can I do it?

First of all fill in the Register form, then create your profile, and finish the registration.
The account will be checked by the administrator and approved. After the approval the account will be activated.

Q: How can I log in my manager's account?

Use the manager's form to login.

Q: I forgot my Manager's password. What should I do?

Use the "restore password" form.